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What is a Blessingway?

Everyone has heard of a baby shower, but have you heard of a blessingway? They aren’t as common as baby showers in the United States, but we feel they are just as wonderful and beneficial for the mother-to-be. Maybe even more so. And luckily they are becoming more popular.

So, what is a blessingway?

blessingway is a sacred pre-birth ceremony that has traditionally been performed by Navajo people, and celebrates a woman’s rite of passage into motherhood. Now it’s recognized as a gathering of the expecting mother’s closest female friends and family that are there to build up her mind, body and soul in preparation for her journey to motherhood. The goal is to have her feel loved, recognize her strength, believe in her body and its ability to birth her baby, and feel confident for labor, birth and motherhood. It’s a time where the focus is not on gifts, but instead on nurturing and supporting the soon-to-be mom. She should feel empowered, strong and like a queen on her blessingway day. We feel that this ceremony is something that every expecting woman should have before giving birth.



What do you do during a blessingway?

There is no one way to host a blessingway. There are many things that you can do. It just depends on the mother’s preferences and what her style is. Here are a few options to make it extra special for her:


I first recommend inviting positive people in your life like your closest friends and family to gather together and share positive birth stories. When my colleague and friend said that they wanted to host a blessingway for me, I was blown away. It meant so much to me that they wanted to host something that would help me feel more confident for my own home birth. When they asked me who I wanted to invite to my blessingway, I decided that I wanted to invite some of the women that I had helped during their births as their birth doula. I wanted to be surrounded by women who had given birth without pain medication and have them share their empowering stories so I could feel empowered as well for mine. Hearing words of encouragement and recognizing that women have been doing this forever makes you feel not as scared and not alone.




Listening to my friends/ previous clients tell me how much I meant to them during their births and how I can have the same amazing experience was incredibly powerful. You can never hear enough positivity during this time of your pregnancy.





Prepare to shed some loving and happy tears!






It’s always nice to have some activities to do to bring everyone together and celebrate the mother-to-be. These are just a few ideas:



  • Make her a flower crown.
    • Ask each guest to bring a beautiful flower with her to create a flower crown for the mother-to-be to wear during the ceremony. Have the guest explain why she chose that flower and have her say a prayer or well wish with that flower.
  • Have a coloring project.
    • This is fun to do together. Color the pages together and read out the the beautiful quotes on each page. Give all of these to the expecting mother at the end for her to have and read through the remainder of her pregnancy.




  • Create birth affirmations cards or flags for the expectant mama.
    • She can then can hang these up and read these while she is in labor. The positivity will help encourage her to press on.
  • Make a bath soak with herbs and salt.
    • This is a great gift for everyone to take home and relax and enjoy as they soak in their tub.

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