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The Most Increadible Paintings You Will Ever Come Across!

Aquasixio is a creative and beautiful Digital Artist. She is no professional artist. She works as a Psychologist and just for fun she is painting on Photoshop since more than 14 years! She likes to play with absurd universe, in otherwords she paints the vision of the human emotions.She really feels uncomfortable with the world of art. That’s why she enjoys art as a hobby. Some of her artistic work are given below;

This art reminds me to avatar!





What I see in this art is, raw childhood with its hopes and dreams and fantasies.



Wow! She took a very nice concept of tea time. Such a Creative Art.



This art is definately shows that this girl is missing someone. Simple and Awsome, love the depth of the hair!


Very beautiful capture of the Woman’s life. You must fall in love with this art.


What a touching picture! This art conveys that she have a new life now with her baby.




A best message to all women. Whatever the problems you facing in your life. Don’t forget your values. Always stand for your own right.


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