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Russian Photographer Captures Beautiful Elderly Couple to Show That Love Transcends Time

In this time and age of selfishness, it’s rare to find long lasting love. Nowadays, couples break up and patch up so often it all seems fake. Almost everyone is tired of these fake relationships and feelings. With this all said, there is an elderly couple that got their beautiful photo shoot by a Russian photographer and the photos are heart warming. The love and chemistry of this couple have touched millions of hearts.

They look so amazing together that we wished to share their stunning photo shoot with our readers. Actually, the couple has a message for the modern couples that time is nothing when it comes to showing your love. You can display it anytime anywhere and you don’t need to think what people say. We were moved by the amazing photo shoot of this elderly couple and here we bring you all the photos that we hope you all will love.


A Russian photographer captured the stunning and mind blowing photos of this elderly couple. They seem to be happy together and look beautiful in photos. They are matchless if we see the beauty of modern-day couples.




Anyone who watched the Up animation probably was thrilled by the love story of the elderly couple, Carl and Ellie Fredricksen. In today’s times, of liquid loves and disposable relationships, it is rare to see a lasting relationship. So, these images thrilled you so much!





These photos were shared by the Russian photographer Irina Nedyalkova on official Facebook profile and we managed to get these in original form. She loves capturing the natural beauty and such couples who display their love in all forms. There are so many other photos of couples that you guys can check as well.





When you see them together like this, they seem better than a couple of any romantic Hollywood movie. It’s really hard to find such love and that at this age in your life.



The beautiful photos have touched hearts of the people on social media and the internet. The photo shoot received a very positive response and are being shared by more and more people.




I was just amazed and look at their photos for hours. Never have I see such a chemistry between any couple in my life. Even their dressing taste is really awesome and makes them look elegant in this dress.




People are obsessed with their photos and showed their amazing love for the elderly couple.


Even a user wrote, “This is the most beautiful photos I have ever seen in my life”.


The photos warmed hearts of the people. The lady is so beautiful that girls are falling for her and the old man carries grace in his personality.



Whenever you are having a bad time or your girlfriend breaks up, just see these photos. These will make you forget everything and bring a smile on your face.



“Look through the rest of the pics of this shoot. I aspire to look as amazing as this couple does when I’m old” wrote a girl who just saw these photos and was inspired.



They are made for each other. We pray for their longer life, a happy relationship for the rest of life and hope they will keep inspiring people in their gorgeous manners.











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