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Home Remedies for Dark Spots

Dark spots is one of the common problem faced by both men and women now a days. In this article Home Remedies for Dark Spots we are going to discuss some of the major causes of dark spots especially on face and some useful and effective tips to get rid of dark spots.
Dark spots are actually the different colored spots on your face having uneven skin tone, this is mostly due to the pigments named as Melanin, and this melanin determines the skin color of body.


Dark spots can be genetic but one of the other major causes of dark spots is exposure to sun and ultraviolet rays. Another main cause of dark spots is the age factor, because the level of melanin increases with age when you get older.

Following we are sharing five surprising and main causes of dark spots.




1. Clothes
Clothes are not a big issue for men but for women dark spots can be produced by clothes. Especially due to wearing undergarments, because of their stiffness and material used it can dramatically change the skin color. Wearing tight clothes like jeans can make the skin itchy and produce discoloration for both men and women. So it is very important to wear clothes which are comfortable and skin friendly.

2. Facial Hair Removal
Women are mostly affected in this case due to using different techniques for facial hair removal, it directly affects the inner skin and become the cause of dark spots. So always use safer techniques to for facial hair removal.

3. Food
Balancing or changing your diet can also change your body appearance. By eating healthy and balanced diet you can change your body in a positive and effective way and on the other hand by eating too much food can cause unhealthy effects on your skin. Like eating fruits having citrus which contains botanic substances can cause skin burn.


4. Hormonal changes
Hormonal changes are is also one of the main causes of dark spots. It occurs at the age of pregnancy in case of women or puberty. It changes and imbalances the rate of chemicals within the body. In some cases people are not affected by these hormonal changes but in some cases dark spots appear and can really affect your beauty with these hormonal changes.

Sot these were some of the main causes of dark spots now we are sharing some great and effective Home Remedies for Dark Spots.

Take kesar, milk, turmeric and a half tomato to make a paste like cream. Apply this paste daily for 15 to 20 minutes.

Lemons are not so good for dark spots but when we mix them with aloe Vera then it has different affects. Mix a few drops of lemon and aloe Vera and apply this mixture as face pack, it gives a better result.

Cabbage is also very useful and effective to reduce black and dark spots. Apply grinned cabbage on your face as a face mask.

Eating carrots and other fruits can also help reducing dark spots and also dark circles around eyes.

Make potato paste and apply it on spotted areas, wash off after one hour.

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