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Have You Ever Felt Baby Kick, Watch How Beautiful Feeling it Is

That’s almost a full month of variation.

There can be even more variation when someone goes from thinking every little flutter in their stomach is caused by the baby to saying yeah, that’s the baby moving, after you’ve sat feeling the baby kickboxing for five minutes.

I don’t understand how someone could mistake the feeling of the baby moving.

When it is your first pregnancy, you’re prone to thinking the gas and constipation that comes with pregnancy is that butterfly movement feeling of the baby moving.

It’s the question that’s on just about every mama’s mind when they’re in the first trimester: When will I feel my baby move?

Fact is, there are no hard rules about when you’ll feel your baby move.

Also known as quickening, feeling the baby move happens at different times for each mama. Here’s what to expect for fetal movement in your pregnancy, as well as what’s normal, what’s not, and what to do about it.

But first, why is it called “quickening”?

Where does the term Quickening come from?
Historically, quickening, or first fetal movement, has been one signal for the beginning of life in the womb (the term “quick” meaning “alive”).

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