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7 Tips Every Girl Should Know Before Prom

Every year there is a new crop of high school seniors gearing up to go to prom. If this is your first prom, you might not know what to expect. Don’t worry, because we are here to help. From picking out your prom dress to how to ditch a bad prom date, here are 7 tips every girl should know before prom.

Shopping For The Dress


Other than your wedding dress, your prom dress is one of the most important dresses you will ever wear. So, you have to get it right. There are some things you should do when shopping for the perfect prom dress. First, start looking for your dress early! Most places make a list of which dresses have already been selected by girls at your school. If your start early, you’ll have a larger pool of styles to choose from. Second, make sure to bring your heels with you. That way you know exactly how long the actual dress will be, and you can make alterations accordingly.





Skin Care

Having great skin is the base of every girl’s prom look. Considering good skin doesn’t happen overnight, follow these steps to keep your skin prom ready. Start focusing on your diet four weeks before prom. Stay away from oily or salty over processed foods that can wreck havoc on your complexion. You should also start exfoliating once a week. When you are two weeks away from prom, start adding a calming mask your exfoliating routine. When you are one week from prom, do a full blown body scrub. This will help your skin radiate by ridding it of dead skin cells that make it appear dull.





It’s easy to get overwhelmed on the day of prom. To make sure you stay on track, keep a schedule by timing everything out! Here is how your day should go. The first thing you need to figure out is your hair. Give yourself at least five hours before prom to do your hair, if you are going to a salon. That way you have enough time to fix it if there are any mistakes. Stay away from making any drastic changes or haircuts on the day of prom.






Makeup Tips 

Speaking of makeup, there are million of tips to help you keep your glammed face gorgeous throughout the night. If you want your eyeshadow to outlast your dance moves, use a cream shadow. Cream shadow is more pigmented and looks great in pictures. Lock it in with some translucent powder and forget about it! If you do use your powder eyeshadow, put a little on a q-tip and stash it in a plastic bag for touch ups later.





Hair Tips 

If you want to avoid a prom hair meltdown, keep some of these hair tips in mind when planning your hair for the big day. First, know what hair go with your dress. If your hair is strapless, leave your hair down. If you have a v-neck, half up half down hair looks best. For a one shoulder dress, rock a style side ponytail. And, if your dress has a high collar, then pull your hair back in a glamorous updo! To keep your hair in place all night, don’t be shy with the hair spray.






Nail Polish 

Look at the color of your lipstick for the big night. If you wear a light pink lipstick, try a snappy teal nail polish. If you are rocking a bold red lipstick, keep your nails simple with a nude tone. If you want to be more daring, try pairing orange lipstick with royal blue nail polish! If you want a more traditional look, you can never go wrong with a french manicure.








One of the trickiest things about prom for girls is figuring out what undergarments to wear. Don’t worry ladies, we have your back or your front in this case! Strapless gowns call for strapless bras. Just go down a band size to make it snug all night. For one shoulder gowns, you can try a strapless bra, but your best bet is a convertible bra with removable straps.






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