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5 Morning Easy Hacks That Will Ensure Your Beauty Sleep Last For Longer

1.Sleep In A Dark Room

Special “blackout” style always keep the sun from creeping through in the morning and disrupting your beauty sleep. For this purpose use dark colors like black or dark brown of  Roman blinds in your room.




2.Wear Sleep Mask

Sleep masks are super cheap and easy to get from your near market. If your bedroom is tends to see the morning light and brightens fairly early for this sleep masks is useful. These masks are super useful for keeping our eyes hidden from morning light.






3.Don’t Check Your Phone 

If you happen to wake up early it may be super tempting to check your phone or laptop or any texts, notifications or emails, this can actually stop you from getting back to sleep. This is because our eyes associate any form of light with day time, so even a quick check of electronics is enough to wake your body up for good. It’s time to resist the urge.




4.Use Earplugs To Avoid Noise

If you are living in noisy area like there is always a lot of traffic outside your house or others are getting ready for day. In this situation it is very easy to wake up early or disturb sleep. To avoid noise you should use some earplugs so you don’t have trouble sleeping for longer in morning.




5.Check Your Bedroom Temperature

The temperature of your room can also be a huge influence on whether you tend to sleep in or wake up early. Suss this out by relating to the seasons and change your routine as they change. For example, if it’s summer where you live it may help to keep a quiet or silent fan running overnight to keep your room cool in the morning, or if it’s winter set an oil heater to ‘low’ and leave this going so your room isn’t freezing in the morning.



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