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25 Years Old Woman Has Spent $14,000 Just To Look Like A Disney Princess

The ultimate dream of many girls is to become a Disney princess when they become young, their inspirations are Snow White, Cinderella and Ariel very soon inspire of these girls faced the reality and actualizes that their dreams remains their fantasy when they involved into their regular routine nonetheless, they’ll always have that little part of them that is desperate to one day dress up in a stunning dress, meet the man of their dreams and control wildlife with the second of their voice.




Sarah Ingle From Denver Colorado is a 25 years old girls whom refused to  make their dreams just a dream she transform her dream into reality by spending $14,000 for her favorite Disney Princess customize outfits.




Ingle work as a Marketing Manager and in night she spends 3 hours in transformation of her self into Ariel, Belle, Aurora, Elsa,Rapunzel, Snow White and Merida,and I have to admit, the end results are breath-taking.




Sarah now owns 17 different outfits, and 16 different wigs, speaking to Hotspot Media, she revealed how the makeovers are much more complicated than they look.

“It takes a lot of time to get into the outfits because they have lots of layers that tie up at the back. Then I have a different wig and makeup look for each princess. I have to contour my face when I play Aurora from Sleeping Beauty because my face is much rounder than hers. And as I have hazel eyes, I have to wear blue contact lenses for the Little Mermaid and Elsa from Frozen.”




These outfits aren’t the off-the-rack costumes that you’d expect to find in your local fancy dress store, as Ingle explains.



“Each dress can take up to six months to make and I source many different materials from all over the world, including silk and organza before drawing my final designs. I’m very fortunate to have a full time job that
pays for the beautiful dresses and material because I’m so passionate about looking the best that I can for the performances”.



As you can see from Sarah’s “before” photo, she is fortunate enough to have been born with the striking and stunning facial features that many Disney princesses possess, which she believes has always helped her
achieve her looks.

“I was born with really big eyes, and people were always telling me that I looked like a cartoon doll or Disney princess. I suppose that my big eyes just help me to appear more cartoon-like, which is great for what I do.”






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